Minneapolis is more than just another American city with a pretty skyline.  The "City of Lakes" is a collection of unique neighborhoods that offer a variety  of activities, events, cultural experiences, and historical sites.  Let my artwork be your guide to the Minneapolis cultural scene and help you form a connection between art and the "City of Lakes."
My name is Trent Kerkow.  I have been a resident of Minneapolis since 1996.  After nearly twenty years, I am still making interesting discoveries, always finding new things to do in a city that offers so much.  In general, most Minnesotans are unaware of all the great neighborhoods  within the city.  Minneapolis is spread out and when you are navigating on the street level, individual neighborhoods are not always clearly defined.  I want to raise awareness of these individual neighborhoods and celebrate their distinct qualities through art. 
As a mixed media artist, I use unique materials in surprising and innovative ways that give a voice to each Minneapolis neighborhood.  The roots of my artistic process begin with the neighborhood, often as written  ideas, observations, and photographs.  From this information, I create a series of drawings and compositions organized in a notebook.  This process forms the foundation of each piece of art.  Distinguishing characteristics of each neighborhood drive my artistic style as well as choices of mediums and materials that are applied to the work.  My diverse artistic style is an intentional effort used to capture the attitude of each neighborhood.
On your next trip to the Twin Cities, let my artwork inspire you to discover something new about Minneapolis!


An Artist's Notebook